Tay Tova Tyree

20 yr old Zeltron Noble female, 5'10" with red-pink skin, deep purple plum hair and ice blue eyes


Noble 3/Jedi 3

Str – 10
Dex – 15
Con – 14
Int – 18
Wis – 15
Cha – 21

Fort – 18
Ref – 18
Will – 22

Hit Points 53 INITIATIVE 9 Base Attack 4 Force Points 8 Speed 6

Astrogate 4
Climb 2
Deception 13
Endurance 9
Gather Information 13
Initiative 9
Jump 12
Knowledge Bureaucracy 11
Knowledge Tactics 6
Knowledge Gal. Lore 6
Knowledge Soc. Sci. 6
Mechanics 6
Perception 20
Persuasion 18
Pilot 9
Ride 4
Stealth 5
Survival 4
Swim 2
Treat Injury 9
Use Computer 11
Use the Force 18

Skill Focus: Persiuasion
Force of Personality
Weapon Prof. (Pistols)
Weapon Prof. (Simple)
Skill Training: Use the Force
Armor Prof. (light)
Force Sensitivity
Force Training
Skill Focus: Use Force

Force Trance
Move light Objects
Search Feelings
Sense Force
Sense Surroundings
Vital Transfer
Negate Energy
Drain Energy
Sever Force

Empathy – Add Charisma bonus (5) to perception checks made to sense deception or sense influence
Pheromones – b
5 species bonus to persuasion checks to change the attitudes of other creatures. Does not affect Zeltrons.

(N) Connections – Avoid paying licensing fees and having background checks, Black Market is cheaper
(J) Sentinel – Clear Mind – reroll Use the Force when avoiding detection from others
(N) Noble Fencing Style – w/light melee or lightsaber you can use your Charisma mod instead of Strength mod for attack rolls
(J) Force Warning – Allies within 12 squares may choose to reroll their initiative checks at the start of combat but must take the second result even if worse. Furthermore, if any allies within 12 squares are surprised at the start of an encounter, but you are not, you can designate a number of those allies equal to your WIS modifier (minimum 1) who are no longer considered surprised and can act normally.

Basic Bocce Cheunh Binary
Rodese Ryl Zabrak
High Galactic
Jawa Trade


Captain Log entry:

We’ve finally made starfall at a world called Zeltros. It’s been a long time since I’ve had so much fun on shore leave. I had, of course, heard rumors or more to the point myths about this near-human species but nothing could’ve prepared me for the reality. They’re very similar to genetically humans except for the fact their skin color runs the whole spectrum from deep mauve to pale pink, which suit them. They also secrete an overwhelmingly potent pheromone that they can consciously control but their empathic ability seems more innate. It seems effortless that they are able to feel the emotions of others and project their own emotions to those around them. I genuinely have never felt so at peace in my life as I do on this planet.

They call themselves Zeltrons and welcomed us to find out more about their world. I met a noble president and was invited to dinner welcoming us, where I met his’ daughter. She seems to be incredibly fit and striking even by their standards with red-pink skin, deep purple plum hair and ice blue eyes. While talking to the daughter I was surprised to encounter a bright, intelligent and curious lady who seems to want news of the outside galaxy. She inquired about life beyond her own system and what I would recommend as the best way to achieve. She in return explained to me that all aspects of their civilization pursue beauty and pleasure as a way of life. During my stay I consumed mass quantities of drink and was astonished when I noticed they don’t get hangovers. So I could only think their biology has well adapted them to their most common past time: having fun.

While I was enjoying the drink, perhaps too much, I unintentionally hinted that they must have to use their pheromone and others skills to keep people from invading. She explained their way of life does not make them weak-willed or fragile. She told me of how the homeworld of the Zeltron, has had a few tyrants, but because they cannot commit atrocities without feeling another’s pain it is never long lived. She whispered it takes resilient people to keep up our pace of life. In addition, she did insinuate that if you wrong a Zeltron and you’ve got an enemy for life. The indifferent, cool way she declared this was quite chilling. Wisely, I chose to change the subject. And later found out that she was quite warm in other ways that a true gentleman would never speak of.

After such a night I offered to take her with me think she was a noble and would never want to leave with me and due to the limited space aboard my vessel, knew it would be uncomfortable for her. While her father the king/president of Zeltron was not sure she should leave she welcomed the opportunity and informed him of her how it would further her studies in legal, cultural histories and ethical differences, as well as be her introduction and training for survival in the universe. So Like it or not the very pretty Tay Tova Tyree is on my ship.

Tay Tova Tyree

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